Road Dust Control for Motorsports Applications

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“When you want to ensure the safety of your workers during road dust control treatment of motocross tracks, dirt bike tracks, and other racing and sports arenas, DustOut™ is the excellent choice! Give the audience and the racers the perfect competitive track they desire using DustOut™ dust control product and create a “dust free” sound environment. Keep your staff healthy while also making the fans and the competitors come back for more.”

DustOut™ for Road Dust Control

DustOut is a highly effective dust suppressant best for dirt racetracks, motocross tracks and other exposed ground surfaces. It is an environmentally safe proprietary blend of 100% botanical organic ingredients and its unique biodegradable formulation is specifically designed to work in dirt, clay and other several types of soil tracks. DustOut is the excellent choice for road dust control treatment and dust abatement.

Using DustOut in road dust control applications saves you money and energy in many different ways. There is significant reduction in the amount of water consumed during dust abatement in the arenas when the water used is mixed with DustOut dilution. Once applied, its results take effect immediately. You don’t have to do anything else but just allow it to suppress dust and prevent the generation of airborne dust. With its effects lasting for a long time, DustOut also cuts down the number of times road dust control is needed. Companies also minimize their expenses on fuel now that they will only need to use their water trucks less frequently and this is such a big thing knowing that a lot of money is always spent on the ever-increasing fuel prices. And, since track grooming will no longer be needed to be done too often, time and manpower is also conserved.

Benefits of DustOut™ in Motorsports Applications

  • Boasts a Calcium free blend of environmentally friendly organic components.
  • Provides a hard compact surface without the use of Calcium Chloride or Lignin Sulfonate.
  • Guarantees a better return on investment when compared to Calcium Chloride.
  • Minimizes surface break up throughout a complete day or evening of intense competition.
  • Improves the spectator experience at both indoor and outdoor events.
  • Conserves water resources by reducing the amount of water used on the tracks.
  • Saves in costs and preparation time in track management.
  • Promotes deeper penetration of water into soil.
  • Reduces work of grounds maintenance personnel.
  • Improves grip for racers due to increased stability of surfaces, providing better conditions

Road Dust Control

Directions for Using DustOut™ in Motorsports Applications
1. Prepare the Surface – Ensure the surface of the track is absorbent before preparing and applying the solution. Measure the length of the surface for the road dust control treatment and determine amounts for mixture. *The initial application of DustOut should be 2 liters (½ gallon) per 1/4 mile of track.
2. Prepare the Mix – Add 1 (¼ gallon) to 4 liters (1 gallon) of DustOut per 500 to 2000 gallons of water in the track watering truck.
3. Apply the DustOut Dilution – Apply to the track as if it were just water. *An application to the track while the track is turned up is beneficial as it will allow the DustOut into the track.
4. Deliver Additional Applications to the Track – *At this phase of application, a film may be seen. About 1 liter (¼ gallon) of DustOut should be applied to the track per 1/4 mile of track after the initial application.

Additional Notes on DustOut™ Application and Use
*A very difficult track may require a more concentrated DustOut solution than listed above.
*After road dust control treatment using DustOut, use the track as how it is normally used. The track will pack down to a uniform compact surface remaining almost dust free but with a higher surface integrity throughout your entire complex.
*The DustOut treated water should be applied with the same frequency as how regular water is normally applied during a complete day or evening of racing.
*Remember that DustOut application will allow the track to hold moisture much longer compared to using water alone. Its stabilization effect allows the retention of moisture eliminating dust during your sports event.