DustOut™ can be used for high-traffic surfaces at 1:500 dilution providing full stabilization and best results. We recommend regular maintenance by top coating with DustOut to keep surface material bound on unpaved traffic areas.

Treating road and parking lot materials with DustOut for dust control is a simple process and can be used as a cost-effective seasonal treatment. Topcoat re-treatments with DustOut™ at 1:500 or further dilution can be used as needed to maintain the benefits of the initial application.

DustOut works by coating and binding surface material. This treatment rejuvenates with moisture, is easy to maintain, keeps dust particles bound and offers a superior surface. On the other hand, calcium and magnesium chlorides for dust control work by holding moisture in the roadbed. Synthetic Polymers Encapsulates/Plastics get brittle, shatter, wash away and are poor for the environment. DustOut™ creates a more flexible surface and is environmentally safe.

When DustOut is used on gravel roads it eliminates the high cost of adding fresh gravel and frequently grading. Chip-and seal surfaces last much longer when DustOut is used to treat the road base. In actual applications, chip and seal surfaces last up to twice as long when applied onto DustOut treated base.

To get more life out of expensive asphalt material use to stabilize the road base before paving. Asphalt paving lasts two times longer with DustOut treated base vs untreated bases.