DustOut Dust Control

Without DustOut™ Applying DustOut™ Road Comparison DustOut™ Working
“DustOut™ significantly improves dust control systems by effectively controlling dust and reducing the generation of harmful dust particles during company operations.  The power is in your hands – we provide you with the superior concentrate while you have the power to choose the dilution that will best fit your needs. DustOut™ is the best dust control water additive which will ensure that you do the job right the first time, keep costs down, and save you a great deal of trouble in the future!”

Daily water truck applications might seem to be a basic but it is a common sense approach to dust control. Unfortunately, this is a facile attempt at solving a complex problem and still, effectiveness depend upon many variables. Without factoring in altitude, weather and humidity conditions, developers will also face labor costs, equipment maintenance, and the high diesel prices. All of these prior to the job actually beginning.

Dust mitigation using a watering system will also make your money evaporate just as quickly as the water being dispatched during the application. Because, when you constantly apply water to a wearing road course, fine materials are also pumped to the surface turning dust into mud. This increases the need for more frequent maintenance. Not only that, we must also consider that continuously spraying large volumes of water to the roads will only require the roads to undergo blading and reshaping more often. This now affects the cost effectiveness of the project.

DustOut™ as a Dust Control Additive

DustOut is a versatile product that will save you time and money and ensure that your project is environmentally responsible. Its formulation, which consists of wetting and penetrating agents, promotes agglomeration and achieves 100% water solubility. It is very easy to constitute to achieve the required strength of the concentration depending on your needs, and once applied, it quickly dries and forms a film-like layer immediately acting as soil stabilizer and dust suppressant.

Water is the best dust controller and since DustOut is water additive, it does not harm the environment at all. With DustOut application, “we only make water better in controlling dust.” It is definitely a safer alternative to chemical dust treatments that can potentially cause water and ground contamination.

Also, the effects of DustOut can last for a very long time therefore you can stabilize the soil and suppress dust while keeping your dust control expenditures within the limits. Companies can now continue their industrial activities without worrying about generating large quantities of dust or spending too much on their dust control system.

DustOut can be used in landfills, construction sites, demolition sites, roads, stockpiled topsoil, airport runways and helipads, sports tracks, and even in areas where livestock is being raised. It is highly effective on roads with loose aggregates and very useful in controlling dust generated from the loading and unloading activities, and the transportation of mineral stockpiles, particularly in ore and coal mining. It can also be used for erosion prevention in slopes and berms.

To apply, simply dilute the DustOut concentrate with water to make a 1:500 to 1:2000 (product to water) dilution. This can then be added to a water truck to be sprayed over any surface needing dust control. The process will allow the DustOut solution to penetrate the soil and then bind the silty dust particles together. As a result, the dust particles are prevented from being carried by the wind to the atmosphere where they become components of air pollution.

Through subsequent use of DustOut, the product exponentially become more powerful that after a period of time, the process can already either be suspended or reduced. The accumulated residue of DustOut in the soil will continue to take effect until such time when another quick application will become necessary.

Overall Benefits of DustOut™

  • Outshines other formulations by boasting a very unique and user-friendly product.
  • Consists of 100% organic and biodegradable materials.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive equipment; a standard water truck can be used for application.
  • Quick application; no wait time for curing, no need for creating road closures.
  • Prevails over roads exposed to “blown-on” or “tracked-on” dust.
  • Effective dust control throughout any dry season.
  • Guarantees easy cleanup and will not damage machinery or equipment.
  • Triumphs over heavily coursed roads and mainly traveled highways.

Dust Control

PM10 and PM2.5
Particle pollution in the air, known as “Particulate Matter,” is a combination of solid and liquid droplets either emitted directly or formed when other pollutants react. They come in different sizes and can be smaller than a strand of hair. They can accidentally enter the lungs and cause serious health illnesses.

The PM10 particulate dust measure between 2.5 and 10 micrometers in diameter. They are visible to the eyes and are referred to as “coarse dust particles” or simply “coarse.” They are generated from different forms of activities like crushing and grinding of rocks or minerals, as well as the stirring of dust from the movement of all types of vehicles.

The PM2.5 or the “fine particles” measure less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter and can only be detected with an electron microscope. These are produced during certain industrial processes such as motor vehicle and power plant combustion. Burning grasslands, forest fires and even the wood burning activities in residences also produce this type of dust particles.

Technically, DustOut dust control additive can be classified as an amphoteric material. It contains polysaccharides that are positively charged and partly neutral. However, it also contains organic acids that are negatively charged. Therefore, depending on the area that needs to be treated, DustOut will serve as a product with either cations or anions.