Dust Control Costs

Source Category Control Measure Estimated/Costs Comments and Assumptions
Paved Roads 4″ Paved Shoulders $8,200/mile-year Useful life of 20 years
Polymer emulsion to stabilize shoulders $0.92/square-yard
Purchase PM10 efficient sweeper $190/mile-year Useful life of 8 years; sweep 15 center
line miles per year
Clean up spills $640/cleanup
Unpaved Roads and Parking Areas Pave unpaved roads $44,100/mile-year Useful life of 25 years
Pave section 100′ long before facility exit $716/year 30″ wide  w/ 3″ asphalt; useful life of 25 yrs
Pave unpaved parking lots $0.23/square ft-year Useful life of 25 years
Pipe grid trackout control device $1,820/year Useful life of 8 years
Gravel bed to reduce trackout $1,360/year 50″ x 30″ x 3″ thick
Post speed limit sign $53/year for 2 signs Useful life of 15 years
Apply water to unpaved parking lot once a day $68-$81/acre-day
Chemical dust suppressant $5,340/acre-year Useful life of 1 year
Construction/Demolition Chemical dust suppressant $5,340/acre-year Useful life of 1 year
Apply water once a day $68-$81/acre-day
Apply water during high winds $272/acre
Prohibit activities during high winds $1,360 per 8 hour day idled Demolition of 1,000 ft square structure on 1.2 acres
Require air quality monitoring $7,500/month
Onsite dust control coordinator $100/day
Sprinkler system to maintain minimum soil moisture of 12% $138/acre
Limit speed to 15 mph $22/inspection Radar gun = $700
Post speed limit signs $180/sign
Bulk Materials 3-sided enclosure with 50% porosity $109/year Useful life of 15 years; pile volume = 5 cubic yds.
Disturbed Open Areas Polymer emulsion dust suppressant $2,140/acre Surface stabilized for 3 years if no vehicle disturbance
Gravel, 1″ deep $490/acre-year Useful life of 15 years
Post no trespassing signs $53/sign Useful life of 15 years
 Windblown Dust Prohibit activities at construction sites during high winds $3,100/high wind day 40 acre construction site
Water storage pile each hour during high winds $22/day 100 cubic yard pile


Dust Control Costs Reference:

Sierra Research, Inc., Final BACM Technological and Economic Feasibility Analysis, prepared for San Joaquin Valley APCD, March 21, 2013
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