Our Advisors:

wibowoMr. R. Wibowo, Civil Engineer and Public Works Advisor; Mr. Wibowo 17 years of engineering and construction management and 10 years of successful project management experience in both public and private sectors.. He is currently a Project Manager with the City and County of San Francisco and over the last 5 5 years he has been delivering capital projects on time and on budget (from planning phase) using design-bid-build formal contracts and City DPW trades contractor. Mr. Wibowo has extensive experience in LEED facilities. He is a Registered Geotechnical Engineer and Registered Civil Engineer in the state of California. Mr. Wibowo has a M.S., Civil Engineering/Geotechnical Engineering and a B.S., in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary.

yliaoMs. Y. Liao, Civil Engineer for Public Works Projects, LEED® Accredited Professional Advisor; Ms. Liao is a professional engineer with more than 10 years of civil engineering experience in various projects including transit, highway, airport, and municipal projects. Ms. Liao is also a LEED accredited professional. Her primary focus has been in civil and structural engineering design and coordination, alternatives analysis and cost comparisons, and engineering management. She has also been involved in construction support and project controls. Ms. Liao is a Certified Professional Engineer, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional. She holds a M.S. in Civil Engineering, Engineering & Project Management from the University of California, Berkeley and a B.S., in Architectural Engineering from Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo.

vasquezMr. P. Vasquez, Sr. Government Contracts Advisor; Mr. Vasquez is the CEO of Shepherd Government Services Group developing RFPs, evaluating proposals and ensuring government contract are in compliance on a variety of commodities. He is a consultant for various Purchasing organizations around the United States developing strategic planning and reorganization realignments and functions to become more effective and efficient. He is currently working in designing standard government contract agreements for green tech products. Mr. Vaquez was a Sr. Contract Manager for TCPN (Region 4 ESC) Responsible for developing RFPs, advertising, and recommending awards for Cooperative contracts and also was responsible for ensuring compliance of the contracts in accordance with ISO 9001 procedures. He also held positions as Dallas County Purchasing Director and Business Manager for the City of Dallas. Mr. Vasquez has a M.A. in Higher Education/Urban Studies from the University of Central Oklahoma and a B.S. Political Science-Public Affairs from Oklahoma State University.

Dr. C. Lee, Sr. Technical Advisor; Dr. Lee currently works as a Research Scientist with the USDA Western Regional Research Center in California. His current research interest involves gene discovery and genetic engineering to develop enzymatic reagents for hydrolysis of lignocellulosic substrates. Dr. Lee has directed evolution work to improve amylase enzymes to more efficiently hydrolyze starch for bioethanol production. Dr. Lee did his Post-Doctoral Research at The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and obtained his PhD. from the University of California, Berkeley, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. He has many publications and has been the recipient of many awards among them:

  • 2002 USDA SPOT Award for Enzyme Development
  • 2001 DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory Poster of Excellence Award at the Gordon Research Conference
Our corporate office is located in Reno, Nevada, with a laboratory and manufacturing facility in Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area). In addition, we currently have sales and manufacturing facilities in Lima-Peru and Cuernavaca, Mexico.