The DustOut/DASAUT product resulted from a joint research partnership of two innovative companies: JOSELI LLC and Industrial VETSI Internacional S.A. (INVETISA). Over the past few years, we have united tirelessly to advance agricultural, livestock, and fishing industries, while simultaneously innovating and supporting environmental stewardship. A majority of our unique products gleaned from our years of research have of the products refined from our research have been elevated to “white-label” production, thanks in part to a worldwide reputation for a high quality of products, as well as outstanding service, with a devoted commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Vision is to become the worldwide technological leader in our target markets and to achieve this by evidence in not only our feedback from our clients, but by our outstanding customer approval. We pride ourselves in providing only excellence in products, technology, and customer service. From the very moment in which our company was conceived, we have lived and breathed a focused and lasting commitment to green technology and natural conservation, this even before these initiatives were made popular around the globe. For example, the products we manufacture are derived from sustainable natural extracts found in the Amazon Rainforest.

We champion the belief that practicing good business should always be more than simply who can provide the best product at the most attractive price; we model our organization to be professional, honest, and dedicated to the preservation of ecological balance around the world.